Aquatic Therapy Sessions Information Form

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Help your child build their potential and work toward their Occupational Therapy goals by filling out this form and confirming your interest in participating in Aquatic Therapy.

Children and adolescents aged between 3 years to 17 years 11 months, who have goals that would benefit from the use of water as a therapeutic medium to develop functional skills, have the opportunity to participate in this service. Aquatic Therapy will be delivered by Autism SA's Occupational Therapists who have undergone additional training.

Involvement in Aquatic Therapy provides participants with opportunities to engage in a range of structured activities and facilitated play in a fun and safe environment.

Participants accessing Aquatic Therapy will work toward their individual goals. These may include:


•Social skills (Following instructions, listening, working in a group, turn taking);

•Fine and gross motor skills;

•Functional skills (e.g. dressing, showering, manipulating objects);

•Safety skills (water safety, safe risk taking, walking on unpredictable surfaces);

•Community engagement;

•Sensory development;

•Emotional Regulation;

•Play skills; and

•Communication skills.

Parents/caregivers of participants will have the opportunity to:

•Develop further understanding of their child's strengths and needs;

•Gain strategies and suggestions from Occupational Therapists to further support their child to work toward their goals; and

•Meet and network with other parents/caregivers utilising the service.

The cost is currently $193.99 per 60 minutes of service. NDIS funding can be used, as well as fee-for-service.